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The following are the terms and conditions that come under the use of jovisoftsolutions.com website. This applies to all the content, service, products and offers that are accessible through our website. This website is managed and governed by “Jovi Soft Solutions”. The website is provided subject to your affirmation without the moderation of the terms of use that is contained here.

Kindly read the agreement policy precisely before entering or using this website. When you access a part of this website, you automatically agree to get confined with all the terms of use which comes under this agreement. In case you don’t agree to the terms and conditions of this website, you will not be granted access to use the website or any of its services.

  • Your jovisoftsolutions.com account and site: In case you create any blog in the website, only you are held responsible for the maintenance of the safety and security of your account. You are entirely responsible for each activity or actions in connection to the blogs that come under your account. You are not allowed to use or describe any deceiving or unlawful keywords to your blogs. Jovi Soft Solutions may remove any keyword that it feels is inappropriate or misleading. If you spot any unauthorized use to your account or security, report to Jovi Soft Solutions immediately.
  • Authority of the contributors: You are completely responsible for any harm that takes place due to the content that causes inappropriate results. This includes, when you operate any blog, comment on any blog, post any material on the website, or permit any third party to make a change. Regardless of the nature of the content that it is in, i.e. in graphics, text, audio file, or software. By giving access to the content, you warrant that,
    ● The copying, downloading or the use of content will not violate the rights of the proprietor.
    ● If your employer has the access to any intellectual property created by you, this means you have either
    (i) gained a permit from your employer for the posting and availability of the content. However, this does not limit to any software.
    (ii) Secured from your proprietor a renunciation of all rights in or to the particular content.
    ● You have complied with any third-party licenses that relate with the content.
    ● The content does not install or carry any worms, virus, malware or harmful and malicious contents.
    ● The content is not a junk or spam machine, or designed with commercial content to gather traffic to any third-party sites. No unlawful act, such as phishing or spoofing is allowed.
    ● The content does not contain any nudity. It should not contain threats or violence which is harmful to any entity or individual. It should not infringe the privacy policy of any third party.
    ● Your content is not gaining entertainment or promotion and being advertised via e-messages, spam links or websites.
    ● Your blog should not make the readers feel that you are a different person or a different company. In other words, the URL of your blog should have your name or the company’s name.
    By posting content to Jovi Soft Solution, you grant it a worldwide and non-exclusive license to modify, adapt, and publish the content entirely for the purpose of exhibiting, circulating and encouraging your blog. In case you delete the content, Jovi Soft Solutions will make efficient efforts to remove it from the website. However, the caching and references to your content might not be made accessible immediately. If you do not limit with these warranties, Jovi Soft Solutions has the power to sole discretion. Under this, Jovi Soft Solutions will,
    (i) Remove any content that violates its law or is harmful.
    (ii) Denies the access to use the website to any entity or individual for a reason.
    (iii) Jovi Soft Solutions will have no commitment to refund any of the amounts that are paid previously.
  • Authority of the website visitors: when you operate the website, Jovi Soft Solutions is not responsible for any of the harm that occurs in your computer system due to worms, virus or malicious software. You are responsible completely for your own safety. This website may contain contents that may be indecent, offensive or questionable. It may also have inaccuracies, typing and other errors. It may contain materials that may infringe the privacy rights or intellectual property or third parties, copying, downloading or other proprietary rights. Jovi Soft Solutions denies its responsibility for any harm that results from the use of visitors or downloading content from the website.
  • Content posted on further websites: We cannot and have not reviewed all the materials including the computer software that are available on other web pages and websites which are linked with Jovi Soft Solutions. Jovi Soft Solutions do not have any sort of control on the contents of websites and web pages that are not linked with it. By linking to a non-Jovi Soft Solution website, it does not imply that Jovi Soft Solution validates such sites or pages.
  • Copyright Violation: as Jovi Soft Solution asks its users to respect and value its intellectual property rights, it pays respect to the intellectual property of others as well. If you come across any content that infringes your copyright and is linked with jovisoftsolution.com, you are allowed to notify Jovi Soft Solutions. Jovi Soft Solutions will pay attention to all the notices by wiping off the violating content and disabling all the links that are attached with it. In addition to it, Jovi Soft Solutions will abort the access of the visitor to the website if he/she is found repeating infringement or causing harm to the intellectual property of the company or others. In that case, Jovi Soft Solution will have no responsibility to offer a refund of the amount paid to it.
  • Intellectual Property: this agreement does not transmit from Jovi Soft Solutions to you. Any right, interest, title, and third-party intellectual property will stay with Jovi Soft Solutions solely. Jovi Soft Solutions, jovisoftsolutons.com, the jovisoftsolutions.com logo, and all the other service marks, trademarks, logos and graphics used in respect to jovisoftsolutions.com are the registered trademarks belonging to the licensors of Jovi Soft Solutions. Any trademark, logo, or graphic used in interrelation with the website may be the trademarks of any third party. Your use of our website does not grant you the access to reproduce or use any trademarks of jovisoftsolutions.com
  • Advertisements: Jovi Soft Solutions has the right to run display advertisements on your contents or blogs unless you purchase an ad-free account.
  • Partner products: when you activate a partner product from one of our partners, say a theme, you need to agree to all the terms of service which that partner provides. However, you can opt out of the terms and conditions any time by deactivating the product of the partner.
  • Changes: Jovi Soft Solutions has the right to modify and replace any part of this agreement anytime. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check the agreement timely for looking at the changes. Jovi Soft Solutions may also introduce new services and changes in future. Such services will be subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  • Termination: Jovi Soft solutions may terminate your access to any part or the whole website anytime, with or without notice immediately. If you wish to end this agreement or your jovisoftsolutions.com account, you can discontinue using this website. Also, if you have paid a service account, Jovi Soft Solutions can terminate it only when you breach this agreement. If you fail to cure this breach within 30 days from the notice sent to you by Jovi Soft Solutions, it can terminate the website immediately as a general shutdown of its services. All the provisions should survive the termination, limitation, ownership provisions indemnity and warranty disclaimers.
  • General warranty and representation: you warrant and represent that,
    ● You will use the website in strict accordance with the privacy policy of Jovi Soft Solutions and the agreement with all its laws and regulations. (without limitation to any local laws of your state, city or country, online code of acceptable content, transmission of technical data exported from the USA or the country where you reside.
    ● Your will use the website without causing any infringement to its intellectual property rights of any other third party.

Refund & Cancellation policy:

General terms:

By choosing a service or a product, you thereby agree to pay Jovi Soft Solutions the one-time or the annual subscription fees (additional terms will be included in other services). Subscription payments will be imposed on a pre-day basis when you sign up for an upgrade.

How does Refund Policy work?

Once you have registered for Jovi Soft Solutions, the company has the right to deduce fees which covers all cost of demo sessions and administrative activities. This fee is not refundable. In case a student wants to discontinue the training, below are the criteria. However, cancellations of course will be accepted only via emails.
1) If the training is not started from Jovi Soft Solutions, 100% fee will be refunded to students.
2) If the student cancels the training session due to any reason, 85% fee will be refunded.
3) If 10% of the training is completed by the student, i.e. 1 out of 10 sessions, 70% fee will be refunded.
4) If 30% of the training is completed by the student, i.e. 3 out of 10 sessions, 50% fee will be refunded.
5) If 50% of the training is completed by the student, no fee will be refunded.
6) The course topics can be altered according to the interest of the attendee. However, sessions and fees will be deduced from the course registered.
7) The refund will be processed within 1-3 months from the date of the cancellation email received.

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