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Python Training


Jovi Soft Solutions Python Training - Learn Python like a Professional! Start from the basics and go all the way to creating your own games and applications! Our Python Course training will help you gain in-depth knowledge on all the essential concepts of Python Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, third-party modules, etc. Our personalized and interactive learning experience will help you to land at your dream company.

Python Online Training Objectives
1. About Python Training

Python Course at Jovi Soft Solutions is intended to make you a specialist in performing various Python programming assignments that are complex and repetitive in nature. Our Python Training will make you capable and skilled in all the fundamental concepts such as Installation, Data Types, Operators, Looping Statements, Strings, and some more. You will also gain mastery in OOPs ideas and Python Packages.

2. Who should take up this Python training course ?

The professionals who can take this training are:
Software developers
Professionals having experience of Programming
Project Managers
Professionals who aim to make a career in big data with Python
Software Testing Professionals
Aspirants who have a deep desire for learning Python

3. What are the prerequisites for learning Python ?

Having basic programming knowledge is enough. There are no specific prerequisites to learn Python.

4. Why should you learn Python to grow your career ?

Python is an easy-to-learn programming language and can be used as a stepping stone for getting into other web frameworks.
Python is a great Career Prospect.
Since several big companies rely on Python, you can make good money as a Python developer.
There are more Job opportunities for Python professionals in top MNCs.


  • Understanding Open source Model
  • Installing Python in Linux/Windows
  • Understanding interpreters(ipython,bpython)
  • Getting started with Python
  • Setting up IDE and various IDEs
  • Creating first Python Program(Understanding sha-bang,understanding .py extension)
  • How to run Python programs

Types and Operators

  • Introduction to datatypes
  • Type Casting in Python
  • Various ways of printing
  • Boolean Operators
  • Playing with numbers
  • Define the purpose of vCenter Server
  • Playing with Strings(String Quotes,Raw Strings)
  • Docstring and Comments
  • Accepting Inputs

Control Statements

  • Conditional Statements(Boolean expressions,Logical Operators,Using If condition,Pass)
  • Looping Statements(for,while,range,break,continue)


  • What are Lists?
  • Mutable Lists
  • In Operator
  • Traversing a List
  • List operations
  • Indexing
  • Slicing
  • Converting a List to String
  • Converting a String to List
  • Aliasing in Lists
  • Functions in Lists


  • What is a Tuple?
  • Indexing in Tuples
  • Slicing in Tuples
  • Immutable tuples
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Lists and Tuples
  • Functions in Tuples


  • What are dictionaries?
  • Keys and Values
  • In Operator
  • Looping in Dictionaries
  • Lookups in Dictionaries
  • Functions in Dictionaries
  • Dictionaries versus sets


  • Function basics
  • Scope rules in functions(Global Scope,Local Scope,Locals,Globals,Global)
  • Understanding the return key word
  • Argument Passing(Default Argument List,Keyword Arguments)
  • Understanding the docstrings
  • List Comprehensions
  • Lambda, map, filters


  • What are modules?
  • Understanding the namespaces
  • Various ways of importing
  • “reload” operation
  • Understanding about sys.path
  • dir() function
  • Understanding the __main__ and __name__ operations
  • Installation of a module


  • Fancier Output Formatting
  • Reading and writing files
  • Methods of File Objects(Reading,Writing,Modify)


  • What are exceptions?
  • Simulating errors
  • Various types of exceptions
  • Exception handling – try, except, else, finally
  • Trapping errors
  • Raising exceptions
  • Customized exceptions


  • OOP: What is Object Oriented Program?
  • Understanding Classes in Python
  • Methods in Classes(Constructor,Magic Method)
  • Understanding Inheritance
  • Understanding Polymorphism
  • Understanding Encapsulation
  • Operator Overloading

Introduction to Advanced Concepts

  • Regular Expressions
  • Python Standard Library – os, sys, shutil, datetime
  • XML Processing

Advanced Python-1

  • Numerical Processing with Numpy

Advanced Python-2

  • Socket Programming – TCP/IP, Client/Server Sides, socket module
  • Threads – Thread and Threading Modules, communication and synchronization

Advanced Python-3

  • Python CGI
  • Web Scraping using Scrapy (Python)
  • Handling Web Pages - Introduction to Urllib and Urllib2 Module


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1. Does Jovi Soft Solutions offer job assistance ?

Jovi Soft Solutions actively provides placement assistance to all learners who have successfully completed the Python training.

2. Do I get any discount on the course ?

Yes, you get two types of discounts. They are referral discount and group discount. Referral discount is offered when you are referred from someone who has already enrolled in our training and Group discount is offered when you join as a group.

3. Do Jovi Soft Solutions accept the course fees in installments ?

Yes, we accept payments in two installments.

4. What is the qualification of the trainer ?

The trainer is a certified consultant and has a significant amount of working experience with the technology.


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